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Word of Love Ministries is primarily a prayer & teaching ministry. We have a prayerful concern for the house of God, particularly how people are being fitted and framed together in a relational way to the head, Christ Jesus. We feel a mandate to press mightily and energetically into every area of our culture. This means legislatively, educationally and socially, affecting heads of governments and those in the workplace. The intent is to release the kingdom of God into the midst of these societal structures. We unashamedly say that on our watch, we desire to affect cities and nations and sincerely hope that, through prayer in your place of service, you will join with us in this endeavor.

There is much to do and much ground to take. It is time to give up the security of being a settler. The Lord is looking for pioneers who will be quick to move. He is searching for spiritual explorers who are on the watch for new spiritual horizons. He needs warriors who are not fearful when the enemy blocks the way to victory. If we don’t pray, we are left in the clutch and snare of natural circumstances and our cities and states will not be affected for good! Prayer can affect the atmospheres over cities & nations. It can affect the breadth and width of the Lord’s work in a land. It can cause the Word of the Lord to grow and prevail mightily over a locale. May groups and gatherings all over be raised up who will pray on purpose to change things!

Ministry SupportWe at WOL love the work of prayer and can honestly say that we have been greatly affected by our prayer times—which is as it should be! We wouldn’t pray anything for anyone that we wouldn’t pray for ourselves. Our prayer is: Lord, cause the zeal, the fervor of love for Your house to eat us up. Consume us with jealousy for the honor of Your name. Show us your ways and teach us Your paths. Guide us in Your truth and faithfulness and teach us, for You are the God of our salvation. Amen!


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From our Starter Collection, for those learning about prayer, Secret Prayer will expose the hindrances to Secret Prayer and draw you deeper into the quiet streams of His Presence.

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